Category: Member Mailouts

Important: The WikiLeaks Situation

———————————————————————— 1. The WikiLeaks Situation ———————————————————————— It is not very often we send out an all-member email blast, so when we do, it’s usually pretty important. First and foremost, everything is ok. Please read the information that follows carefully but understand that we would never do anything that we thought put our members at risk.

Catch-all email audit starts today

———————————————————————— Catch-all email audit starts today ———————————————————————— As per a previous email on this topic, we are working on reducing the amount of garbage email received by our members via catch-all email maps and alleviate problems we have forwarding legitimate email to certain ISPs. This is a one-time process to remove UNUSED catch-all email addresses … [Read more]

Help us combat domain slamming

This email is being sent to all active Canadian members In this email: 1. We need your help to combat domain slamming ———————————————————————– 1. We need your help to combat domain slamming ———————————————————————– Many, if not all of you are by now familiar with the grossly misnamed “renewal notices” you receive in the mail from … [Read more]

System update and SSL certs now available

In this email: 1. easyDNS system upgrades 2. Members can now add 3rd-party nameservers to their domain ACLs 3. SSL web certificates now available ———————————————————————— 1. easyDNS System Upgrades ———————————————————————— We have completed most of our system upgrades in the face of the recent Denial-of-Service attacks and thus far we are cautiously optimistic about the … [Read more]