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Why You Must Learn to Love DNSSEC

It’s been nearly two months since the high profile BGP hijack attack against MyEtherwallet, where crypto thieves used BGP leaks to hijack MEW’s name servers, which were on Amazon’s Route53, and inserted their own fake name servers which directed victims to their own fake wallet site, thereby draining some people’s wallets. It generated a lot … [Read more]

Why should any non-Euro companies care about the GDPR?

Admittedly we’ve been largely silent on the topic of the new European General Data Protection Rules (GDPR)  because frankly, we don’t really know how to deal with it. The reality is,  nobody really knows how to deal with it. The Registrar Stakeholders Group (RRSG) has been very frustrated, and ICANN, never missing an opportunity to … [Read more]

Should You Delete Your Facebook Page?

In 1994 Wired magazine ran a short story entitled “Hack the spew” . This was back when Wired was actually cutting edge and not the insufferable Silicon Valley stroke job it became after Conde Naste acquired it. In it our antihero “Stark” finds himself inexplicably recruited as a kind of data scout, looking for viable consumer trends … [Read more]

Is Bitcoin Cash a “legitimate” crypto-currency?

Several weeks ago we announced support for Bitcoin Cash as part of our response to the situation of inordinately high fees for Bitcoin transactions (a situation we consider to be temporary and of the “growing pains” ilk). Those remedies included zero confirmations for existing members in good standing, and we adopted Bitcoin Cash as a … [Read more]