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The Origin of the Gods

It’s been awhile since we posted under the “Who Uses easyDNS” section. This morning I was perusing the daily changes for our nameservers and noticed the following domain just transferred in: Having grown up on a steady diet of C.W Ceram, Greek mythology, The Golden Bough, et al I was pretty much hooked by … [Read more], a niched URL shortener for iphone apps

The other day I stumbled across, a DNS client domain which is a pretty useful specialized URL shortener for iPhone apps. A good example is easyDNS’ own iPhone app for easyWhois. The iTunes URL is loooooooooooooong and cumbersome, and to be honest, I can’t readily remember what shortened URL I created for it on … [Read more]

5 questions for YCombinator's Paul Graham

When we noticed YCombinator’s Paul Graham was an easyDNS member we asked him to help us kick off a new format for the “Who Uses easyDNS” blog channel. Rather than just list off this company or that notable tech personality, we’re conducting short interviews with them so we can all get a better idea what … [Read more]