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[AxisOfEasy] This Is How Google Will Collapse

Weekly Axis Of Easy #58 This week’s quote: “Two hundred years from now, when the great companies and billionaires and revolutionaries of our age are crushed down below the horizon of history, it is the movements of states and populations, the alternations of war and peace, that will remain in the collective human memory” —by ???? Last Week’s Quote was “Man’s … [Read more]

[AxisOfEasy] Deceived by Design: How Google and Facebook Give You The Illusion of Privacy

Weekly Axis Of Easy #57 This week’s quote: “Man’s habits change more rapidly than his instincts ” —by ???? Last Week’s Quote was “Where there is official censorship it is a sign that speech is serious. Where there is none, it is pretty certain that the official spokesmen have all the loudspeakers.”, was Paul Goodman, winner John Biddle. … [Read more]

[AxisOfEasy] Why You Need To Learn To Love DNSSEC

Weekly Axis Of Easy #54     This week’s quote: “There are only two kinds of languages: the ones people complain about and the ones nobody uses” —by ???? Last Week’s Quote was “Sooner or later, everybody sits down to a banquet of consequences” by Robert Louis Stephenson. Winner: Ivan Petrovic HOWEVER – Tony King points out that this … [Read more]