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Do This Now: Disable Your Email PGP/GPG Plugin

Weekly Axis Of Easy #49   In this issue: Do this now: Disable your email PGP/GPG plugin Every O/S in existence hit by same security flaw Reports of Cambridge Analytica’s  demise may have been premature Welcome to the drone wars Hardening Drupal: how to protect your sites Best Black Mirror ever: China’s Sesame Credit system … [Read more]

86% Of All Passwords Are Already Compromised. Are Yours?

Weekly Axis Of Easy #48 In this issue:   Facebook using AI to remove “bad stuff” before it’s even reported Cambridge Analytica bytes the dust NSA warrantless data collection soars in 2017 Amazon threatens to shutdown Signal over censorship workaround Chinese factories using brain scanners on workers to preempt mistakes seized by France in domain … [Read more]

Crypto Thieves Hijack Amazon’s Route53 DNS

Weekly Axis Of Easy #47 In this issue: DDoS-for-Hire Service operators arrested Crypto thieves  hijack Amazon’s Route53 DNS Drupalgeddon2 saga continues: 2nd patch released Twitter sold data to same researcher behind Facebook scandal Transcription service leaked medical records Iranian LGBTQ activist wins defamation suit against Canadian Canadian music industry seeks more money and content blocking … [Read more]

Do You Know Palantir? They Know You.

Weekly Axis Of Easy #46  In this issue: Private intelligence agency leaks scraped data of 48 million people Do you know Palantir? They know you. Breached chat service leaks data of K-Mart, Best Buy customers New fileless malware eludes antivirus scanners Honduran government unveils new cyber censorship laws Facebook plays shell game with Euro Privacy … [Read more]