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Craigslist NameServers Hijacked

It appears as if’s nameservers have been briefly hijacked via their registrar, Network Solutions. Don’t let it happen to you: Enable 2-factor authentication on your account (if your registrar offers it) Enable account ACLs or geo-targeted login restrictions on your account (if your registrar offers it) Enable event notifications on your account (if your … [Read more]

Welcome to easyDNS, Press 1 for support. Press 2 to get the last 4-digits of your credit card number on file here.

Just kidding. We’ve had numerous requests to today to comment on this issue as Naoki Hiroshima’s nightmarish tale of how his Godaddy account, Paypal account and ultimately his highly coveted Twitter handle were compromised and the latter stolen. (Sorry I haven’t posted sooner on this, I’m out of the office this week, way up north … [Read more]

Prevent Domain Theft by Using Access Control Lists and Login Restrictions

The other day Arnon forwarded me a blog post about the ordeal some poor guy went through with his registrar account getting hacked (not here, someplace else), and the thief transferred-out his domain name and changed the ownership of it. His particular story had a happy ending for a number of reasons: The thief left … [Read more]