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Maybe Yahoo should buy Godaddy

…was one of the random, possibly nutso thoughts I had on the drive in this morning whilst listening to the financial news. Yahoo is one of the rare companies actually trading up so far today on the “news” that it’s forming a committee of independent board members to examine strategy. Nobody’s said it, but in my mind … [Read more]


DNSSEC drastically improves the security of the internet and systems that rely on it. Sadly, there is a lot of FUD out there and we wanted to both debunk that FUD and explain why DNSSEC is vital to the security of the internet.

New GTLDs are great for pump-and-dumps, phishes and more….

Yesterday, egregious financial truth-tellers (and easyDNS client) ZeroHedge broke the news that parties unknown engineered what looks to be a textbook “pump-and-dump” on Twitter’s stock by putting up a fake “Bloomberg Financial News” site on the domain and proceeded to run a story on it about Twitter being acquired. The story spread and shares … [Read more]

What the New Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) Actually Means

[ Update: CASL is right around the corner, we have just posted “4 Key Things To Know About Being Compliant With CASL” ] Last week I became aware of a flurry of attention around forthcoming Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation. ran a twitter round-up under the hashtag #BeCASLReady and suddenly it seemed this was the next … [Read more]