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Status of DNSSEC

The .COM and .NET tlds will be DNSSEC signed on March 31, 2011. We have DNSSEC support available, we are still designating it as a beta function. You can create and sign your zones with DNSSEC, however at the moment, we do not have the ability to submit DS keys to the various regsitries. This … [Read more]

DNSSEC now available in Beta

DNSSEC is now available in beta across all service levels (on the new platform). You need to enable the “beta” flag under your Personal Info section and then after you do the DNSSEC link will appear in the “Advanced” line of the Tools tab in your Domain Overview module. There are still some items we … [Read more]

easyRoute53: Nameserver Integration and DNS Management Layer for Route53

In December, Amazon Web Services announced the addition of Route53 DNS to their cloud computing environment. What this meant was that developers using other AWS components, such as EC2 cloud computing or S3 storage, could extend their toolkits to include Amazon’s own DNS hosting. For some of us in the DNS biz, it was viewed … [Read more]