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[RESOLVED]: cache2.dnsresolvers.com currently unresponsive

RESOLVED: We have found and resolved the issue with the cache2.dnsresolvers.com   cache2.dnsresolvers.com is currently unresponsive. DNSresolvers.com is our public service recursive DNS service, it’s unicast but does no NXDOMAIN interception or typo “correction”. cache1.dnsresolvers.com is functioning as expected. The systems group is investigating. All core easyDNS systems (DNS resolution, forwarding, email, etc) are unaffected … [Read more]

Status of DNSSEC

The .COM and .NET tlds will be DNSSEC signed on March 31, 2011. We have DNSSEC support available, we are still designating it as a beta function. You can create and sign your zones with DNSSEC, however at the moment, we do not have the ability to submit DS keys to the various regsitries. This … [Read more]