Status of DNSSEC

The .COM and .NET tlds will be DNSSEC signed on March 31, 2011.

We have DNSSEC support available, we are still designating it as a beta function.

You can create and sign your zones with DNSSEC, however at the moment, we do not have the ability to submit DS keys to the various regsitries. This is something we are working on with our registry backend provider (the Tucows openHRS registry platform).

In the meantime, we will be adding support for the ISC DLV (Domain Lookaside Verification) zone and may have it online as early as March 31st.

We also will be adding ISC DLV keys to our own so that our public resolvers will be aware of the ISC based chain-of-trust.

1 thought on “Status of DNSSEC”

  1. Lennie says:

    My guess is Tucows OpenSRS never got it done, right ?

    IPv6 glue-record support seems to be available since October 2011, but I’ve not yet tried using it.

    Atleast they bought that one German company (EPAG) which already supports a lot of this stuff so it might still happen.

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