DNSSEC now available in Beta

DNSSEC is now available in beta across all service levels (on the new platform).

You need to enable the “beta” flag under your Personal Info section and then after you do the DNSSEC link will appear in the “Advanced” line of the Tools tab in your Domain Overview module.

There are still some items we need to work on:

  • Key rollover is not (yet) automatic, but there is a 1-click rollover mechanism
  • We still need to finish key expiry notifications
  • No hooks into Domain Lookaside Verification (DLV) databases at this time, since the .org zone is already signed and the .com, .net and .ca will be soon, we parked this.
  • NSEC3 not yet added, coming soon.

At this point there is very minimal documentation, we wanted to get the interface out ahead of the imminent  zone signing, we will be padding out the documentation forthwith.

We are now working on the functionality to add the DS records upstream. You can view the DS records in the overview, we will be announcing the functionality for each Top Level Domain as we acquire it.

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