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New GTLDs are great for pump-and-dumps, phishes and more….

Yesterday, egregious financial truth-tellers (and easyDNS client) ZeroHedge broke the news that parties unknown engineered what looks to be a textbook “pump-and-dump” on Twitter’s stock by putting up a fake “Bloomberg Financial News” site on the domain bloomberg.market and proceeded to run a story on it about Twitter being acquired. The story spread and shares … [Read more]

The new TLD Buyers-Strike Starts Now

Today is the day, .xxx sunrise begins. Here’s an offer we should all refuse: Wanna protect your good name from having somebody erect a pornographic website on yourname.xxx? Then fork over $300 and you’ll be “protected” against that happening for 10 years. It’s called a non-adult sunrise blocking registration and the .xxx registry expects those … [Read more]