Why should any non-Euro companies care about the GDPR?

Admittedly we’ve been largely silent on the topic of the new European General Data Protection Rules (GDPR)  because frankly, we don’t really know how to deal with it. The reality is,  nobody really knows how to deal with it. The Registrar Stakeholders Group (RRSG) has been very frustrated, and ICANN, never missing an opportunity to … [Read more]

Censorship, Cyberwar and Surveillance Will Lead to a Global Net-Split

I used to say in a very offhanded way that if the global governance and due process issues continued unaddressed, or the affronts to multi-national sovereignty got worse then the logical outcome, eventually, would be a “net-split”. A Net-split from the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) parlance is when a cohesive network – like the internet – splits off … [Read more]

Confessions of an ex-opponent of Whois Privacy

The following is the easyDNS response to ICANN’ public comment period on GNSO Privacy & Proxy Services Accreditation Issues Working Group Initial Report. The public comment period is open until July 7, 2015. We strongly urge you to make your voice known by signing the petition over at Save Domain Privacy. I submit these comments … [Read more]

As Deadly as a DDoS: ICANN Unleashes the Whois Accuracy Program

More effective than a botnet, more sweeping than a Denial-of-Service attack, ICANN has devised a deadly Weapon of Mass Destruction that can instantly render a entire online presence persona-non-grata regardless of how much redundancy, mitigation muscle-power or firewalls a hapless defender has deployed, this latest attack vector can take it all away, not with one … [Read more]

Know Your Domain Right

(Originally a guest post written for Techdirt) When I first got into this business I frequently wondered why the domain-policy mailing lists I was getting involved in attracted a lot of activist types. Over the years it became apparent to me very quickly, that in an emerging era of global communications and transparency (what Anthony … [Read more]