Who Will Be the Big Winners and Losers of the New TLDs?

Before the weekend I was asked to write a guest piece for Domain Name News (DNN) about my take on the new Top Level Domains program which purports to begin adding unlimited new TLDs to the root.

Our reaction as a company to new TLDs is atypical for most Registrars. Rather than whip our member base into a frenzy over the new TLD, we either recommend “don’t bother” (.tel, .me, “.so what”) or grudgingly recommend defending one’s mark in it (i.e. .CO typosquat bonanza), because we view most new TLDs as cash grabs that add more grief than value for our members.

It’s a topical post, because .xxx sunrise starts next month and we, in a word, hate this. We’ll be posting more on .xxx specifically, and the various options you have to respond to this ….extortion. I’m on vacation right now so not online as much but I hope to have it up within the next day or so.

That DNN article “Who Will Be the Big Winners and Losers of the New TLDs?” is here.


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