Catch-all email audit starts today

Catch-all email audit starts today

As per a previous email on this topic, we are working on reducing the
amount of garbage email received by our members via catch-all email
maps and alleviate problems we have forwarding legitimate email to
certain ISPs.

This is a one-time process to remove UNUSED catch-all email addresses
from the system.

We are not removing any functionality. In fact we have added a new
“aliasing” feature to DNS-only and Parked domains: instead of using
a catch-all email address on your domains you may now specify up to
five email aliases which will be forwarded to your email address,
eliminating the junk mail sent to random addresses inside your domain.

The timeline and mechanics of the process are explained at the following

In basic terms, you simply need to login to your account and access your
email settings and “confirm” any catch-all email maps which will be clearly
marked as requiring confirmation (there is also a bulk confirm tool in
the utilities module).


This one time exercise will eliminate large quantities of junk mail
transiting our system to our members, reduce the amount of unwanted
mail you receive directly and ease the problems we are having
forwarding mail to our network peers.

We appreciate your patience and attention in working with us to
complete this exercise.


As always, if anyone has any questions or concerns regarding any of
these issues, feel free to call or email.

Thank you,

easyDNS Support,

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