Help us combat domain slamming

This email is being sent to all active Canadian members

In this email:
1. We need your help to combat domain slamming

1. We need your help to combat domain slamming

Many, if not all of you are by now familiar with the grossly misnamed
“renewal notices” you receive in the mail from the Domain Registry of

(If you are unfamiliar with this or thought they were real renewal
notices, please see and )

We have received a request from the Canadian Internet Policy and
Public Interest Clinic at the University of Ottawa to supply them
with any “evidence of harm” within our membership as a result of these
deceptive tactics.

If we find enough data supporting the position that these practices harm
Canadian internet users, we will accept a CIPPIC invitation to join them
in launching an action against the Domain Registry of Canada with the
Competition Bureau.

So if you ever responded to a “renewal notice” from Domain Registry of Canada
and as a result had your domain transferred away from easyDNS to DROC without
realizing that this would happen, we would like to hear from you.

Please send details of your experience to us at and
if possible fax any documentation, email transcripts or other materials
to us toll free at 1-866-464-1564

With your help, we can put an end to deceptive “marketing” practices such
as these.

For further information about The Canadian Internet Policy and Public
Interest Clinic, see


As always, if anyone has any questions or concerns regarding any of
these issues, feel free to call or email.

Thank you,

Mark Jeftovic,
President, easyDNS Technologies Inc.
+1-(888)-677-4741 ext 225

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