System update and SSL certs now available

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1. easyDNS system upgrades

2. Members can now add 3rd-party nameservers to their domain ACLs

3. SSL web certificates now available

1. easyDNS System Upgrades

We have completed most of our system upgrades in the face of the recent
Denial-of-Service attacks and thus far we are cautiously optimistic about
the results.

We increased our bandwidth capacity significantly at Q9 and replaced our
firewalls with new equipment and DOS-mitigation measures and devices.
We were then attacked again at Q9 last week and despite the web interface
being unavailable for a brief period of time, all other services local to
Q9, including DNS, remained unaffected.

We have also redeployed the remote nameservers to datacenters
and again, are pleased with the results. The nameservers there have come
through several more DOS attacks completely unscathed and with no
noticeable effects on our service.

More can be read about this at our blog:

At this point we would like to thank our members for their patience and
understanding through this period.

2. Members can now add 3rd-party nameservers to their domain ACLs

Following up on some concerns about redundancy throughout the DOS
attacks, we’ve added a feature to allow members to add nameserver redundancy
beyond the easyDNS nameserver cluster.

You can now specify other non-easyDNS nameservers for your domains and we
will allow those nameservers to slave your zones from us.

Also see:

3. SSL web certificates now available

In response to customers asking if there was some way we could streamline
and simplify the otherwise byzantine and Kafka-esque process of purchasing
and renewing SSL web certificates, we have begun reselling Geotrust’s
“Quick SSL” and “True Biz ID” SSL web certificates, which provide 128-bit
security and are fully recognized by all major browser types.

At the easyDNS member’s price of $99 USD for a QuickSSL webcert, which
can be completely ordered, provisioned, authenticated via email, and
installed in under 10 minutes, we feel it’s a compelling value. Further
savings are available with discounts on multi-year terms.

You can order SSL certs for your domains under the “utilities” module
of your easyDNS Members’ Login at

For more information see:


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