DNS Standard Managed DNS

DNS Standard for Industrial Strength Requirements


Your zones are syndicated across 14 to 19 nameservers globally.

Integrations: Blend our nameserver cloud with your own deployments or third party providers.

Lock-in Your Uptime

Use host monitoring and failover DNS to guarantee availability of your crucial services.

Geek Friendly

Use our REST API to integrate with your network and platform ecosystems.

Be Understood & Get the Help You Need

We answer the phone 7-days a week. Minimal or no hold-times, no voice mail hell.

E-mail tickets actually get a non-canned, clueful responses with speedy turnaround times.

24×7 Support for Enterprise accounts.


We use two different DDoS Mitigation Providers to keep the lights on when DDoS-es try to put them out.

DNS Standard

$35/ Year
  • 1 million Queries Monthly
  • 15 Nameservers / POPs
  • 3 Anycast DNS Clouds
  • 3 easyMail Mailboxes
  • Phone & Email Support
Need Bulk DNS? Bulk Rates Available!

These rates cover DNS service only, Registration not included

10 Domains

10 Domains with Standard DNS service level

$149/ Year

25 Domains

25 Domains with Standard DNS service level

$349/ Year

50 Domains

50 Domains with Standard DNS service level

$649/ Year

100 Domains

100 Domains with Standard DNS service level

$999/ Year

500+ Domains

Contact For Quote, Custom Solutions Available

$TBD/ Year

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