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Why Should Non-Euro Companies Care About GDPR?

Weekly Axis Of Easy #51 In this issue: Amazon’s Alexa sent this couple’s private conversations to somebody else Google shuts down entire company after one employee triggers AUP violation Company buying location data from telecoms was also leaking it via security flaw  Hackers target home routers and IoT devices  Emergency brakes disabled on Uber autonomous … [Read more]

Why should any non-Euro companies care about the GDPR?

Charlemagne crowned Holy Roman Emperor, proclaims GDPR Admittedly we’ve been largely silent on the topic of the new European General Data Protection Rules (GDPR)  because frankly, we don’t really know how to deal with it. The reality is,  nobody really knows how to deal with it. The Registrar Stakeholders Group (RRSG) has been very frustrated, … [Read more]

Do This Now: Disable Your Email PGP/GPG Plugin

Weekly Axis Of Easy #49   In this issue: Do this now: Disable your email PGP/GPG plugin Every O/S in existence hit by same security flaw Reports of Cambridge Analytica’s  demise may have been premature Welcome to the drone wars Hardening Drupal: how to protect your sites Best Black Mirror ever: China’s Sesame Credit system … [Read more]