Author: bcutler

ANAME records now support IPv6

Our root domain alias records (which we call ANAME records) now support IPv6 addresses. Any underlying AAAA records at the target host will automatically be added to the zone. In case you haven’t heard about ANAME records, here’s a quick explanation: normally you cannot create a CNAME or ‘alias’ record for a domain’s apex or … [Read more]

Additional Record Types

We often get requests to support less common DNS record types. We’ve added a new section in the control panel to manage ‘Other’ resource record types. The following record types are currently supported: AFSDB CERT KEY LOC RP SSHFP TLSA The preference for ‘Show Advanced DNS Records’ needs to be enabled: In the ‘DNS Settings’ … [Read more]

New Host Monitoring Tools

A new version of our host monitoring system is now available that offers two new features: An option to specify a URL to test when monitoring HTTP and HTTPS. An option to look for specific text in the HTTP response when monitoring HTTP and HTTPS. Host monitoring and Failover DNS is available at the DNS … [Read more]

Changes to the listing of domains in the control panel

To reduce the number of clicks required in our control panel to access frequently used features, you’ll notice some adjustments to the listing of your domains the next time you login. Links to settings for DNS, Nameservers, and Whois records are now available from within the list of domains. Information on the status and service … [Read more]