ANAME records now support IPv6

aname-recordsOur root domain alias records (which we call ANAME records) now support IPv6 addresses. Any underlying AAAA records at the target host will automatically be added to the zone.

In case you haven’t heard about ANAME records, here’s a quick explanation: normally you cannot create a CNAME or ‘alias’ record for a domain’s apex or root. If your domain is, then you are allowed to create a CNAME for but you couldn’t for just Our ANAME records allow you to create a dynamic apex record. This is particularly useful for services like Heroku, Google Apps, and Amazon elastic load balancers (ELB) – or sites hosted with Github, WIX, and Amazon S3. Behind the scenes, easyDNS monitors the target record constantly to detect an IP address change and we’ll reload your zone to include any changes.

More details on ANAME records and how to create them are available at

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