System update and SSL certs now available

In this email: 1. easyDNS system upgrades 2. Members can now add 3rd-party nameservers to their domain ACLs 3. SSL web certificates now available ———————————————————————— 1. easyDNS System Upgrades ———————————————————————— We have completed most of our system upgrades in the face of the recent Denial-of-Service attacks and thus far we are cautiously optimistic about the … [Read more]

Brief Members site maintenance tomorrow morning

We will be conducting a brief maintenance on the web server that hosts our members interface starting November 16th at 12:00am, ending at 12:15am. This maintenance will increase the capacity of the web server, resulting in a performance gain for the members interface. During this period, the members interface will not be accessible, and dynamic … [Read more]

Website connectivity issues

At 2:30pm today the EasyDNS members interface was attacked with large volumes of bogus web requests, causing brief periods of intermittent connectivity. The first attack lasted roughly an hour. The easyDNS administration team worked closely with our hosting provider to repel the attack, and capture as much data as possible for law enforcement purposes. During … [Read more]

SSL web certificates now available.

We are now offering Geotrust SSL certificates with competitive pricing on member domains. While the price is certainly better than other certs or even the Geotrust retail price, we’re finding the issues our members seem to value are: a streamlined provisioning process simple renewals The QuickSSL and Quick SSL Premium certificates with member pricing at … [Read more]