easyDNS to refuse queries from rogue states, illegal immigrants, and leftists



Speaking at a company rally in Forest Hill, Louisiana, easyDNS strongman Mark  (“The Mark”) Jeftovic decried an epidemic of political correctness destroying the DNS protocol.

“Used to be a time, DNS was designed and used by geeks. People with brains. People doing real shit. Cool shit. Online.

Nowadays anybody can plug in a server and expect to connect it to the internet and expect equal access! They start sending out DNS queries from anywhere and they feel entitled to a response… and that my friends, is destroying the internet. That sense of entitlement.”

“All of that’s gonna change. We’re gonna make the internet great again.”

“You got some MX query coming here from Islamabad? Maybe you should go back where you came from.  Why don’t you go query a nameserver in Islam?”

Supporters shouted down protestors claiming the proposal violated all known RFCs and specifications to the point it would ruin the internet.  Jeftovic departed from his prepared remarks by offering to pay the legal fees of anyone who would punch a member of the IETF Steering Committee in the face.





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