easyDNS to Rebrand as easy.WTF

After 16 years as an iconic .com startup, easyDNS will shed its moniker and rebrand as easy.WTF.

At a press conference this morning, easy.WTF CEO Mark Jeftovic explained “dot COM is a dinosaur. That era is over. The Zeitgeist of the times we live in is captured perfectly by WTF”.

The company foresees a meteoric rise in .WTF registrations as compared to .COM, going so far to predict that the total number of .WTF domains would dwarf the current incumbent by 2017.


“We want to be on the right side of this tectonic shift”, said Jeftovic, adding “no pun intended”.

Dismissing the skepticism levelled at a prediction some industry insiders called not only outlandish, but delusional, the easy.WTF founder was undaunted “Remember where you heard it first.”

For more information about easy.WTF visit http://www.easy.wtf today.

4 thoughts on “easyDNS to Rebrand as easy.WTF”

  1. Harlow says:


  2. David says:

    Brilliant, good job boys, that one made my day

  3. As a customer of Easy DNS since 2000/11/10 I prefer the way

    it's been so far making my DNS easy every day of the week.

    I'm not sure I'm comfortable with it only being easy on

    Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays…

    …Saturday through Tuesday are just as important. ^_-

    That is what WTF means right? đŸ˜€

  4. Thomas Martin says:

    WTF? Want the Facts….

    What else would it mean?

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