easyDNS announces Guaranteed Lookup Privacy for easyWHOiS.com

In light of the recent ICANN advisory on domain lookup frontrunning we’ve made the guarantee that your domain lookups on easyWhois have and always will be, private.

What is domain lookup front running? It is when an unscrupulous operator between you and a domain lookup tool, such as a whois lookup website, perhaps even the site operators themselves, monitor your domain name searches and then go and grab some of the available domain names you search on before you get the chance to.

I never thought anybody would be so brazen, but silly me, I once again underestimated the widespread use of sleazeball tactics on the internet.

You can read the easyDNS press release on the subject and our new Guaranteed Lookup Privacy Policy at easyWhois. We’ve also added SSL encryption to easyWHOiS to eliminate the possibility of queries being eavesdropped.

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