Verisign raises fees on .COM and .NET, easyDNS…doesn't

Last week Verisign notified ICANN and all registrars that come October 15 they will raise the wholesale registry cost on .COM domains 7% and on .NET 10%.

We won’t go off on too much of a rant about the sweetheart deal Verisign got themselves in this registry contact. Had the process been opened up to competitive bidding we would be seeing the wholesale cost going down not up. I know at least one registry operator who would have gone in at about a third of Verisign’s price.

Anyway, such is the registrar business, you exist at the whims of a registry monopoly (which is one reason we’re a lot more focused on the DNS hosting side of the equation)

Having said all that, we will be eating the difference and there will be no price increase in response to this.

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