Tag: Enterprise DNS

easyMail hosted IMAP boxes increased on most service levels

Don’t worry,  we aren’t talking about a price hike (we’ll let the registries do that…. *groan*). We’re adding more easyMail boxes to DNS Hosting and Enterprise level packages. DNS Hosting Was: 1 easyMail box Now: 3 easyMail boxes Enterprise DNS: Was: 10 easyMail boxes Now: 25 easyMail boxes. These are in effect now, so go … [Read more]

Friday fun: GeoDNS now in Beta

We’re pleased to announce that GeoDNS is now in βeta. GeoDNS enables you to serve different DNS data based on four globally geographic regions: North America (East) North America (West) Europe Asia This may be useful if you are streaming content from multiple datacenters or want to direct traffic from different parts of the world … [Read more]