O’Reilly drops Managing Mission Critical Domains book

There is no easy way to say it, but here it is: O’Reilly has dropped the Managing Mission Critical Domains & DNS book. I’m told that this isn’t a “content based decision”, as in “your book sucks”. It’s considered “no longer a good fit”.

So be it. I did take forever to write it, ironically, after 3+ years, 4 full technical reviews, and 4 full redrafts, I had handed what I thought was the final version (pending editorial review) back into O’Reilly a couple months ago.

Everybody who bought a pre-sale copy of the book will be either refunded or receive an exchange from O’Reilly, they’ll be in touch with you about that.

The good news is thanks to easyDNS customer and literary agent extraordinaire Rick Broadhead, who handled my original contract with O’Reilly; all rights have reverted back to myself. I own the largely completed book and am currently in talks with another publisher who seems pretty interested.

I want to thank all of the technical editors and reviewers so far: Patrik Lundin, Peter Van Dijk, Bert Hubert, Paul Vixie, Cricket Liu, Jan Piet Mens, Matt Pounsett, Jacques Latour, John Demco, George Kirikos, Russ Nelson and Joe Abley who’s efforts have made this a good book and it will be published one way or another. They’re aware of the situation and have been tremendously helpful in pushing the project forward, thank-you all.

I would also like to apologize to all of you who have been patiently awaiting this book. Rest assured, we’ll make it happen yet.


3 thoughts on “O’Reilly drops Managing Mission Critical Domains book”

  1. Pete Howey says:

    Please keep us updated! I’ve been waiting for a year for this book! Thanks!

  2. Rafik says:

    thanks, Mark, I had access to the early release at Safari online and I couldn’t reach it lately. really pity, looking forward to finishing read the book when published.

  3. Jay Riley says:

    Please keep me posted!

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