Additional anycast constellations added to all DNS hosting accounts

We’re happy to announce that all DNS hosting accounts are having an additional nameserver / DNS anycast cluster added to the mix.

(Our nameserver deployments are described here)

For DNS Hosting level of service, we’ve added, which is five nodes in the following locations:

  • Seattle
  • Chicago
  • Washington
  • Singapore
  • Frankfurt

And for DNS Pro we’ve added, which is the above 5 plus:

  • Palo Alto
  • Paris
  • Hong Kong
  • London
  • Los Angeles

And for our Enterprise DNS members, we’ve added, another 6-node deployment:

  • San Francisco
  • Washington
  • Chicago
  • London
  • Amsterdam
  • Tokyo

This puts DNS Hosting domains on 3 anycast constellations over 14 global nodes, DNS Pro domains on 3 anycast nodes over 19 global locations and Enterprise DNS domains 25 global nodes, over 4 anycast constellations (how many does your DNS provider have?).

Henceforth all new domain registrations and transfers will have the applicable nameserver added. If you are an existing customer you can add the appropriate nameserver at your leisure (the correct nameserver array will be displayed in your user interface when you edit your nameservers). We will likely be running a process soon to add the additional nameservers to domain where we are the registrar.

These nameservers are available via the new interface only, so if you’re still on the old interface, here’s an additional incentive to move to the new platform.

Our nameservers page describes the current deployments and which level of service gets what.

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