Additional Mailbox Pricing for easyMail

Now that we’ve made webmail for easyMail available we’ve been getting asked more often about the pricing on additional boxes. Recall that all DNS Pro level domains come bundled with 10 easyMail IMAP boxes, which is quite frankly, nuts. It should be more like 5, but oh well.

(Insert a picture of a used car salesman doing that “we must be crazy to sell at these prices” dance). I knew we went too high on the 10 boxes bundled when we started to get users who wanted to sign up for DNS Pro, and then not even move their domain here but just point their MX record at easyMail. Sorry, no (it might work but odds are some maintenance process will eventually decide you’ve transferred out and delete you).

Anyhoo for those users who want more than 10 mailboxes per month, additional boxes can be purchased at the following prices:

# of Boxes Monthly Cost
5 $10
10 $19
25 $45
50 $85
100 $160
250 $362.50
500 $700
1000 $1350

The other thing I noticed is we’ve gone to great lengths to make it almost impossible to purchase additional easyMail boxes. There is probably an x-rated Easter-Egg deep in the bowels of World of Warcraft that is easier to find than the provisioning link to add additional easyMail boxes.

So until we can re-engineer the UI to make things easier to add and find (don’t worry, we aren’t going to blitz you with upsells like some registrars we all know and love), here’s the secret masonic handshake you need to know to order additional easyMail boxes:

In your domain overview module for the domain you want to add easyMail for, look on the Domain Management line and click on add-ons.

Once you’re in the “add-ons” section you’ll see the options to add additional easyMail boxes.

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