DNSResolvers.com Shutdown Imminent

As announced nearly a year ago, DNSResolvers.com will be shutdown, no later than July 1st. As outlined in our original announcement:

DNSResolvers was free, it was not our core business, and we now exist in online environment where nobody should be running open public resolvers unless they are  devoting ample resources toward making sure they aren’t part of the DNS amplification problem.  The moment it interferes with our core business (like it just did) is the time to jettison it.

We let it run for awhile after that, but we are now migrating one of our core datacenters and this is the time to kill the last functioning node of DNSresolvers (truth be told, the other one imploded already and we never resurrected it).

The nameservers in question are: – cache1.dnsresolvers.com – cache2.dnsresolvers.com

Looking at the traffic, 99% of it seems to be zombies and low level DNS amplification attempts, but we do know that there are some live bodies actually using it – those people should stop now, sorry.

The public alternatives to consider are OpenDNS (who no longer monetizes the NXDOMAIN traffic) and Google’s Public DNS (who doesn’t trap the NXDOMAIN traffic at all).

We will probably bring back a DNS resolution service in the future. It will not be wide open, and most likely available for easyDNS members only. In other words, next time we’ll get it right.

Thanks for your understanding.

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