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When you register a domain name under most TLDs such as COM, NET, ORG and the new TLDs (.WEBSITE, .PRESS, et al), we are required by ICANN to enter your registration information into a publicly accessible database (called "whois")

You can protect your registration details from public access via MyPrivacy.

MyPrivacy only costs an additional 0.62/month when registering under the DomainPlus service level.

MyPrivacy is included at all other service levels.

To get started with MyPrivacy:

Add MyPrivacy to a new Registration: -> Click Here

Transfer an existing domain with MyPrivacy -> Click Here

Add MyPrivacy to an existing domain already in your easyDNS account:

Log into your control panel -> Login, select the domain to mange, and click on "Add MyPrivacy" option under the Domain Settings tab.

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