Every DNS Provider – be it an in-house deployment or an external vendor is a logical Single-Point-of-Failure (SPOF) unto itself.

Anybody who tells you “we can mitigate any DDOS attack” is trying to fight the last war.

The way to solve this is multi-provider redundancy.

The options below provide various ways to acquire and manage multi-provider redundancy.

Proactive Nameservers

Think of it as “failover” at the name server level. Your production name servers are monitored for responsiveness and availability, one or more sets of “stand-by” name servers are primed with your current zone data.

If your name servers become unavailable or degraded, the stand-by name servers are automatically swapped in, or added to your existing name server delegation.


DNS Integrations

The efficacy of employing multi-provider redundancy depends upon syndicating your zone across multiple solutions and keeping those implementations in-sync with your ongoing zone changes.

Managed Products

easyDNS provides managed solutions (unified billing) for the following name server integrations.

There is no need to create an account with these external vendors or worry about maintaining your zones within their system, it all happens from within the easyDNS platform:

DIY Approaches

We make it easy to roll-your-own redundancy. Even a single, unicast out-of-band name server can prevent disaster when a Black Swan event takes out your main provider.

easyRoute53 – Already have an Amazon AWS account? Simply enter your keys, export your zone and add your new Route 53 name servers to your delegation and you’re done. Any future updates you make to your DNS settings with the easyDNS control panel will be automatically exported to the AWS system in real time.

Linode DNS – This integration exports your zones to the Linode DNS API. Please keep in mind that Linode only refreshes their DNS every 30 minutes.

Third Party Zone Transfer – Our control panel allows you to slave from any external master name server or to allow any external name server to slave from easyDNS that supports AXFR/IXFR. We’ll also send NOTIFY packets to your external mirrors to keep those zones in sync in realtime.

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