DNS Pro Managed Anycast DNS

DNS Pro Features

Best-in-breed DNS Tools

  • Manage every aspect of your domain using our powerfully easy Control Panel
  • Operate one or more domains that absolutely must have 100% DNS Availability?
  • DNS Failover and Host monitoring (1 device)
  • Ability to modify SOA, MX, A records and CNAMEs
  • Support for Dynamic DNS
  • Ability to set individual TTLs per record
  • Support for SPF via TXT and SRV records
  • Support for round robin DNS
  • Includes 5 million DNS queries per month

Full suite of Email and SMTP functions:

  • easyMAIL IMAP and POP email hosting (10 boxes)
  • Full featured email forwarding
  • mail-to-all email forwarding
  • Backup email spooling if your main mail server is down
  • Support for Dynamic DNS
  • easySMTP Outbound Mail service (250 messages per day. If you require more, please contact helpme@easydns.com.)

Turn your Domain into a Swiss-Army Knife

  • URL/Web forwarding with optional 301 redirect
  • stealth Web cloaking
  • Geo-Targeting on URL Forwarding
  • easyID: multi-user OpenID server (v1.1) on your own domain


$55/ Year
  • 5 million Queries Monthly
  • 20 Nameservers / POPs
  • 4 Anycast DNS Clouds
  • 10 easyMail Mailboxes
  • Phone & Email Support
20 Globally Distributed Nameservers

4 Anycast DNS Clouds

Your domain will be served from 3 of our high-availability DNS clouds ensuring rock solid response times and redundancy that professionals like you require.

Globally Distributed Nameservers

Our globally distributed nameservers ensure that no matter where you are in the world your DNS will stay available and you will receive the fastest possible response times.

Professional Monitoring & Failover

If you are running a high traffic site that your business relies on you know how important it is to be informed when your site experiences unexpected issues. With Host monitoring & Failover you won't miss your site going down again.

Need Bulk DNS? Bulk Rates Available!

These rates cover DNS service only, Registration not included

10 Domains

10 Domains with DNS Pro service level


25 Domains

25 Domains with DNS Pro service level


50 Domains

50 Domains with DNS Pro service level


100 Domains

100 Domains with DNS Pro service level


500+ Domains

Contact For Quote, Custom Solutions Available


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